Story About Us

After spending 15 years consolidating our experience in the B2B sector as a major food ingredients supplier for the Confectionery & Chocolate industries, we have decided to transform ourselves our selected raw materials & ingredients into various chocolate based retail products, thereby creating the Lux fine brand.

The brand name, Lux fine, was borne out of a deep reflexion on how to position our chocolate products : the highest possible level of quality and excellence.


Lux fine stands naturally for a luxury chocolate, fine and elegant, reminiscent of a jewel to savour.

Lux fine® also reflects our origin. Being based in Luxembourg, the “LUX” in Lux fine® provides the consumer with a geographical clue to our location

Finally, Lux fine® can be interpreted as “LOOKS FINE”, implying that our chocolate tablets are not only luxurious but call to be discovered, to attract and entice the consumer into enjoying them

Under our Lux fine branded range of chocolate products , we exclusively promote noble ingredients to connaisseurs.

Life’s too short for not enjoying