Chocolate Tablets


A tribute to the uniqueness of selected origins

captureEcuadorian dark chocolate is ideal for dark chocolate lovers. The purity of this chocolate reaffirms its lively character.

Taste wise, this fruity chocolate holds the power to excite everyone’s taste buds!

This dark chocolate from Ecuador is characterised by its finesse and floral fragrance. It also contains fruity aromas which makes it one of the most exquisite of chocolates.

The orange-coloured pack symbolises the country of Ecuador, where orange is the dominant colour.


Madagascan dark chocolate is ideal for dark chocolate lovers.
Taste wise, this mysterious chocolate holds the power to fascinate everyone’s taste buds!
This dark chocolate from Madagascar contains red berry and citrus fruit notes, resulting in its flavourful character.
The green-coloured pack represents the country of Madagascar, widely-renowned for the lush forests and extraordinary vegetation which grows on this island.


Peruvian dark chocolate will undoubtedly charm dark chocolate lovers. Its purity affirms its luxurious character.
Taste wise, it holds the power to charm everyone’s taste buds by its sweet and captivating taste.
It is uniquely characterised by subtle notes of dry fruits and honey. In other words, your Eldorado!!
The brown-coloured pack symbolises the country of Peru, the colour of existing flora and fauna in this country.


The purity of Venezuelan dark chocolate will reveal its luxurious character.
This chocolate is characterised by its highly-intensive and strong, yet captivating, taste.
The dark chocolate from Venezuela presents the perfect balance between powerful cocoa and intense woody flavours.
The yellow-coloured pack symbolises gold and wealth on the Venezuelan flag.



Harmonious associations of the noblest ingredients

This Dark Chocolate Crispies tablet contains cocoa of both African and south American heritage. The chocolate is enhanced by cereal crispies, resulting in a product that is crunchy, fresh and young.
The crunchy texture and dark chocolate richness make for a successfully combination, pleasant to taste and with a lighter, crispier texture.
Feel like discovering chocolate a whole new way? Try this Dark Chocolate Crispies tablet; you will be surprised.


This Milk Chocolate Crispies tablet contains cereal crispies in milk chocolate.
The crunchy texture and milk chocolate smoothness make for a successfully combination, pleasant to taste and with a lighter, crispier texture.
Feel like trying out a new chocolate adventure? Try this Milk Chocolate Crispies tablet; it will definitely surprise your taste buds


This Dark Chocolate Amarena Cherries tablet contains pieces of Amarena cherries in a blend of west African and south American dark chocolate.
This chocolate tablet requires technical expertise in its making. We are pleased to have risen to the challenge by offering such an extraordinary and delicate taste.
An exquisite combination of flavours, much appreciated by chocolate connoisseurs.


This Gianduja del Piemonte tablet contains hazelnut paste from the Italian region of Piemont.
In this dark chocolate, we have incorporated the famous hazelnut paste of Piedmont. One of the best known and renowned Piemontese specialties appreciated by its finesse and its taste.



Timeless classics revisited for repeated enjoyment


For maximum instore awareness, standing and countertop display showcases can be supplied to our customers


Lux fine® tablets are packed in 10 or 20-piece showboxes.